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Packaging Services

We pride ourselves on having the experience, personnel, and manufacturing capabilities to meet your industry specifications. Our team understands that each industry is unique and we are prepared to meet the standards and specifications required for your project. We have the experience and knowledge to produce virtually anything, from prototype to production, InventHUBS can provide the complete end-to-end solution.


Our Engineered Containers are designed to provide a high level of shock and vibration protection. Special wire rope isolators are matched to your equipment’s weight and fragility to provide the exact g-force isolation that you require.

​These containers can feature humidity control, gaskets, heavy duty casters, fork lift tubes and tie down provisions. Other options include Temperature and humidity monitoring devices and shock recorders.



Our team produces tool control organizers for 5S and FOD (Foreign Object Prevention) programs using our CNC routing process. The routing process allows us to provide variable depth cavities at little or no additional cost. Our foam is a high quality crosslink polyethylene with our exclusive Tuf-Top textured surface.

​For the ultimate in organization we can provide full color plastic overlays for part identification or we can  print directly onto most foam surfaces.


From simple cutouts to complex contoured shapes, we have the ability to design and manufacture case inserts for any application. We use a variety of foam types and manufacturing methods to produce a foam insert that is both highly protective and visually appealing. All our inserts are engineered  by considering the product weight, fragility and mode of transportation so we can provide a solution that will offer years of reliable protection.

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