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Design for Manufacture

InventHUBS can help ensure your parts are designed for the manufacturing process that is most suitable for the part geometry and your anticipated production volume. Each manufacturing process will dictate how big, small, thin, thick, or complex a component can be, so it is very important to design with manufacturability in mind. In addition, material selection will influence the many functional considerations of your design such as stiffness or thermal conductivity. The engineers at InventHUBS will make sure you select the right process and generate a design that satisfies all these process and functional considerations ensuring you meet all your cost, quality, and production objectives.


Cost Optimization

Choosing the manufacturing process that is ideal for your part volumes and functional characteristics is vital to cost optimization. A design should then be generated that accounts for the process tolerances and all the design considerations specific to that manufacturing process. For example, in the Die Casting process, draft, uniform wall thickness, and corner radii all play a crucial part in the processing and fabrication of a die cast component. Without these design considerations inherent in the CAD model, it would be expected to have yield issues that directly affect

Mechanical Tolerance Analysis

Mechanical tolerance analysis is critical to overall product cost and performance. At InventHUBS, we are here to help you understand your Process Capability (CpK) and optimize your tolerance limits. Through statistical tolerance analysis, our team will identify key sources of variation within your mechanical stack-up and implement novel design features (along with suitable datum structures) to minimize defect rates.


Quality Services

FMEA • Root Cause Analysis • First Article Inspections • Supplier Quality •  Process Control • Production Line Improvement

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