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Mechanical Design Services

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Today’s manufacturing processes leverage the information built into your 3D CAD model to generate tool paths, build molds, and direct printer heads. It is critical to design your parts with a good understanding of the design guidelines and process tolerances specific to each fabrication method. We can help you optimize your product and it starts with a robust CAD model.


Our mechanical engineering team has over 30 years of combined industry experience in mechanical design for Fortune 500 companies. Some real-world examples, where simulations proved to be vital, include (but not limited to) cooling of electronic equipment, pressure vessel design, stress due to CTE mismatch, fatigue due to resonance, nonlinear gasket compression, generation of transient thermal profiles, and motion analysis of a scissor lift. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our engineers on your next design challenge.

InventHUBS can help ensure your parts are designed for the manufacturing process that is most suitable for the part geometry and your anticipated production volume. Each manufacturing process will dictate how big, small, thin, thick, or complex a component can be, so it is very important to design with manufacturability in mind. In addition, material selection will influence the many functional considerations of your design such as stiffness or thermal conductivity. The engineers at InventHUBS will make sure you select the right process and generate a design that satisfies all these process and functional considerations ensuring you meet all your cost, quality, and production objectives.

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